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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Congratulations To Jimmy Johnson The 7 Time Nascar Champion Won In November 2016

I have been a Jimmy Johnson fan since he first entered into the Nascar Busch Series and have continued to be a big Jimmy Johnson fan on into the Nascar premier series before and after he won his first Nascar Winston Cup championship. 

Who knows why anybody cheers for anybody? I'm not a "Front Runner" which means some people cheer for who ever is winning. Who knows why I took a liking to Jimmy Johnson when he first made his appearance in the Nascar Busch series. I also cheered for Mark Martin.

Jimmy Johnson just matched and exceeded Dale Earnhardt on the "All Time Ranking List" but just by a few race wins. Jimmy Johnson will have to get one more championship to go ahead of Richard Petty. 

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